Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Past Few Months

Whew!  How time flies!  This blog thing is a bit harder than I thought it would be.  Well anyways, here is the update on The Sassy Massey's for the past few months. J~ has gotten a new job, he is now working with AT&T doing technical support for their DSL service. He seems to like his job just sometimes the hours are a little crazy.  But, he thanks the Lord he has a job!   M~ is now a year old!  We just celebrated his first birthday for the past 2 weeks, that is right, he had 2 parties!  He is getting so big...he crawls everywhere he wants to go and even pulls up all of the time.  I am sure he will be walking soon!  Well, and then there is me....hmmm...where to start?  Just kidding!  I am doing great!  I am having a blast staying home with my lil' angel.  So, all in all The Sassy Massey's are BLESSED!  Well until next time, which hopefully will be soon!

~Mamma Girl~

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  1. YEH! You posted!!! Love the picture of precious M! Can you believe he is a year old???!! Glad to see you back blogging!