Everyday Life...Personalized!

Whether you are searching for the perfect gift for your friends or something snazzy for yourself, Sassy Massey's has just what you are looking for. We offer everyday life....personalized!

At Sassy Massey's our motto is "Everyday Life...Personalized!" We take items we can all use in everyday life and personalized them just for you! Please take your time and browse our Sassy Snapshots below to find the perfect gift for yourself or someone else. 
Fun Popcorn Bucket $6.00 
Plastic Tub $7.00
Flower Pot $10.00
Small Glass Plate $10.00
Plastic Bowl $4.00 (Clearance Item as is)
Left: Medium Glass Square $6.00 Middle & Right: Large Rectangle $10.00
Wall Plaque w/ Ribbon Hanger $7.00
Aluminum Vanity Plate $15.00
Business Card Holder $8.00
Childs Lap Tray $12.00
Cake Carrier $18.00

Polka Dotted Mailbox $35.00
Christmas Ball $6.00
Deviled Egg Carrier $12.00
Large Pig $15.00 Small Pig $10.00
Glass Dish $6.00
Children's Bucket w/ handle $6.00

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